Rules of Sport

Please bear in mind that these rules are a living documents that will be amended to allow for the game that is most enjoyable to all parties involved. Please review and feel free to send comments and questions to TRI SPORTS. We want your feedback!


Sports Rules

Barcathlon- Rules vary Week to Week

Basketball Rules (Coed)

Basketball Rules (Men's)

Beach Volleyball 3s Rules

Beach Volleyball 4s Rules

Beach Volleyball 6s Rules

Bocce Rules


Cornhole Rules



Flag Football Rules (Arena)

Flag Football Rules (Coed)

Flag Football Rules (Men's)

Indoor Volleyball Rules


Indoor Soccer Rules


Kickball Rules


6 v 6 Soccer Rules


7 v 7 Soccer Rules


8 v 8 Soccer Rules


9 v 9 Soccer Rules


11 v 11 Coed Soccer Rules


11 v 11 Men's Soccer Rules


Softball Rules (Balls & Strikes)


Softball Rules (Pitch to Your Own Team Competitive)

Softball Rules (Pitch to Your Own Team Semi Comp/Rec)


Softball Rules (Men's)


Ultimate Frisbee Rules

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