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By participating in TRI SPORTS activities, participant acknowledges and accepts the following terms and conditions: 

TRI SPORTS reserves the right to deny admittance or terminate the membership if the participant exhibits anti-social, inappropriate or disruptive behavior or attempts to use these services for improper, immoral, illegal or exploitative purposes. In addition, any member who knowingly provides false information will be terminated from TRI SPORTS. TRI SPORTS reserves the right to refuse any individual or team without explanation. Upon registration, TRI SPORTS league rules and regulations are to be followed by any and all team members and individuals. 

All participants in any TRI SPORTS league, trip or event must acknowledge and accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Additionally, sports league participants must agree to our waiver of liability to be allowed to participate. Failure or refusal to waive liability will result in removal from league and void any refund. 

TRI SPORTS reserves the right to change specific league locations and operating times as necessary due to any required scheduling changes. All TRI SPORTS sport leagues have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. All TRI SPORTS social events have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. 

All TRI SPORTS activity participants must have their own health insurance prior to participating in TRI SPORTS activities. 

All league fees must be paid in full as listed by each sport and/or event. Verbal registrations will not be accepted nor be considered as confirmation for holding a team or individual spot without individual full payment or team deposit. 

I understand that registration fees are not refundable for any reason, barring event cancellations, or sold-out events, trips or leagues. TRI SPORTS reserves the right to exclude intoxicated or disorderly persons from any portion of an event, league or trip without refund of money. Failure to abide by TRI SPORTS rules and regulations will result in forfeiture of league/event participation and void any refunds. 

All prices and arrangements are subject to change without notice. All Travel is non-transferable. No refund on unused services. 

Certain leagues may have a different, yet clearly stated policy contained within its registration information, but in absence of that, ALL SPORTS REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. Please consider the following possibilities before you register as they do not entitle you to a refund- Job Transfer, Job schedule change, Moving, Injury, Divorce, Weather, Not having fun, etc. TRI SPORTS does not allow you to substitute a player in your place on a team roster.

In the case of individual registrants who are waitlisted, if we cannot place you on a team by Week 3, your fees will be refunded in full. In the case of waitlisted teams, if we cannot place your team in the league by Week 3, your fees will be refunded in full. Please allow 3 weeks for refund processing. 

Late fees will apply after registration deadlines. At TRI SPORTS, we believe you deserve the best. In an effort to provide the best quality of service possible, we need to receive registrations by our deadlines, so that we may make proper arrangements, and, in the case of sports leagues, finalize our league schedules and send out all pertinent league info, etc. While, on rare occasions, we may extend registration deadlines, and waive late fees for certain activities, every customer should fully expect that late fees will be applied, every time, and you must register by the deadline to avoid them. We appreciate each and every customer, and we understand that most of our success is due to good people like yourself telling many of your friends about TRI SPORTS. We also appreciate those who regularly register for our activities and we want you to know how much your repeat business means. For your convenience, our website accepts registrations, 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world, and our registration periods are often several weeks long, so please do your best to avoid late fees, as they are not reversible. Thank you for your understanding and for helping us make TRI SPORTS the best it can be! 


We DO NOT play on the following Holidays:
-New Year's Day/New Year's Eve 
-Memorial Day Weekend 
-4th of July
-Labor Day Weekend
-Thanksgiving Weekend (Wednesday-Sunday) 
-Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We DO play games on the following Holidays:
-Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend 
-Valentine's Day
-St. Patrick's Day
-Mother's Day
-Father's Day
-Veteran's Day (depending on facilities availability)
-Any Holiday not listed in the previous section above

HOLIDAY BYE REQUESTS - We are happy to do our best to accommodate all schedule requests regarding bye weeks. If your team has a specific request for a bye week, Captains should email the league office @ prior to the Week 2 games. Once the full season schedule is published, requests may not be honored. 

All chargebacks, regardless of their final outcome, will immediately result in a $35 chargeback processing fee added to the disputing registrant’s account. This fee, plus the disputed amount, must be paid in full, in cash, before the registrant will be allowed to participate in any further TRI SORTS activities. Please contact us if you have a question about a charge on your account. Once a chargeback has been initiated, the chargeback processing fee cannot be reversed. Thanks for your understanding.

This release applies to all activities organized by TRI SPORTS, LLC and its subsidiaries. CLICK HERE FOR RELEASE.

Your privacy is very important to us and we will not share your information with any 3rd party organization without your permission. TRI SPORTS, MAC Sports & Entertainment, Hi-5 Sports and MAC Events, are all affiliated under the banner. 

I recognize and accept that participation in organized SPORTS and other activities involves the risk and/or death or injury and that I am the only person responsible for my own safety. By engaging in any activities offered by or associated with TRI SPORTS, I freely accept and fully assume all inherent risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting therefrom. I do hereby absolve, release and waive any and all liability claims or demands against TRI SPORTS, its officers, directors, leaders, and each and every member thereof, which may arise out of or be related to any injury, damage or pecuniary loss to me or any member of my family by reason of involvement in any club sponsored activities. THEREFORE, intending to be legally bound, I HEREBY WAIVE and anyone claiming through me that right to sue TRI SPORTS, its officers, event workers or members for any injury and or/death while taking part in, preparing for, or traveling to and from any TRI SPORTS activities. This waiver applies to any negligent act or omission and to any intentional act intended to promote my safety. I hereby acknowledge TRI SPORTS acts solely as agent carrying out services and assumes no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to persons or property, nor for faults or defaults of companies or those carrying out services; nor accidents, injuries, delays, cancellations; changes due to weather; baggage, lodging, insufficient participation, or any circumstances whatsoever beyond the control of TRI SPORTS. Additional expenses due to uncontrollable circumstances will be prorated among participants. Liability waivers may vary from activity to activity, so please also read the waiver for your particular activity prior to your participation.

And above all else, Have Fun!


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