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An engaged employee is a happy employee. TRI SPORTS Events has solutions to meet your corporate wellness needs. Whether it is a one-time physical activity or competition, an ongoing sports league, or a corporate health and fitness challenge, we’ve got you covered. We believe in a work hard, play hard mentality, and providing your employees with a fun and memorable experience that will help them thrive. We have our own sports complex near RDU which gives us the opportunity to offer a wide variety of activities without many of the restrictions you'd encounter by hosting your event at a public park. We can arrange everything from inflatables to helicopters & elephants, if you desire.
The sky is the limit!

What can TRI SPORTS plan for you? Here's a Few Popular Options:


We design a challenge for your work group(s) that involves daily exercise, eating healthy, and can be topped off with a FIELD DAY event if you choose. We can do a small two-week challenge, or a six-month challenge if that is what is best. Employee health and welfare is a major focus for employers right now and we have the tools to help you jump start your program.

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