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  • A friend and I want to sign up, but we don't have enough for an entire team and we want to play on the same team. How can we be assured to be on the same team?"
    No problem. Please be sure to include the name & e-mail of your friend in the "Preferred Teammates" portion of the online registration form. Also, it helps to register early in the process so neither one of you is the last player placed on the team and the friend is placed on the waitlist (we'll contact you if this is a possibility).
  • I'd love to get involved. What's the best way for me to know when you have registration for leagues opening up or when your next social event is?
    First of all, WELCOME! We're glad you're looking to join the largest and best sport & social club in Raleigh! The best way to get involved is to SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER: Email* That way you'll be among the FIRST to know about all of our awesome events! When something comes around that sounds like your kind of fun, register, and we'll take care of the rest. No membership is required ! No commitment necessary. Just come out and have fun! However, many of our registration periods last only a week before we sell out, so be sure to scan each Newsletter for important updates.
  • I'd like to play in a sports league, but I don't have a full team. Can I participate?"
    ABSOLUTELY!!! Unlike city, corporate & church leagues, all you need is youself. You can register as a Free Agent to compete in any of our sports leagues, and we'll take care of finding you a team. Of course, after the first season you play, it's likely that you'll know enough people to return with a set roster for the next season.
  • What are the demographics of your club?
    A: Well, that is a constantly changing number, but we have close to 23,000 people participating in TRI SPORTS activities, and of that, we are about a 50/50 ratio M/F. Almost all of our members are between 21 & 45, and the median/mean age is 30 years. While we don't have a cutoff age, and many of our participants are 40+, most are under 40. We see 3,000 unique faces every week for our sports leagues.
  • I'm not all that skilled at playing sports. Does TRI SPORTS have a level of play for me?
    ABSOLUTELY!!! We are a SOCIAL club 1st and a sports club 2nd. Our leagues are designed for all levels of skill. Of course, some people are more competitive than others, but as we've continued to grow, we've opened many of our sports into various competitive divisions in order to best accommodate everyone's desired level of competition.
  • Sports are the work of the devil, and playing them only reverses the years of therapy I've had to forget about always being picked last. Is TRI SPORTS for me?"
    ABSOLUTELY!!! We are a SOCIAL club 1st and a sports club 2nd. We have hundreds of members who have joined just for the social opportunities, trips & travel. If you're looking to meet other professional people like yourself, in a relaxed environment, we are the club for you. There's NO BETTER WAY to meet tons of area professionals with similar interests, than TRI SPORTS. We ARE the Triangle's Social Club.
  • What Holidays do you Play Games on?
    HOLIDAY GAME POLICYWe DO NOT play on the following Holidays: -New Year's Day/New Year's Eve -Memorial Day Weekend -4th of July -Labor Day Weekend -Thanksgiving Weekend (Wednesday-Sunday) -Christmas Eve & Christmas Day ​ We DO play games on the following Holidays: -Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend (including Monday) -Valentine's Day -St. Patrick's Day -Mother's Day -Father's Day -Halloween -Veteran's Day (depending on facilities availability) -Any Holiday not listed in the previous section above HOLIDAY BYE REQUESTS - We are happy to do our best to accommodate all schedule requests regarding bye weeks. If your team has a specific request for a bye week, Captains should email the league office @ prior to the Week 2 games. Once the full season schedule is published, requests may not be honored.
  • What are my responsibilities as Team Captain
    We've got an entire section devoted to Captain FAQs.
  • We had a player get injured/move away/work schedule change/etc... Can I replace them on the roster/add someone additional?
    -Once a player is on the roster, they are considered a permanent player. Due to insurance and other considerations, TRI SPORTS does not allow you to substitute another player in for one not participating. -You can always add an additional player to the roster by sending them a team invite and having them register.
  • What happens if it rains?
    If you have questions about whether or not games are cancelled due to inclement weather, you can call our weather hotline-- 919-EPIC-DUCK (919.374.2382). Please be aware that we cancel games based on actual weather at the field, not on forecasts or rain in the area. We will email all players as soon as a decision has been made regarding weather cancellation. If we cancel close to gametime due to sudden changes in the weather, we will also text all players (who have opted in during registation) as well.
  • Does TRI SPORTS have "meetings" I can attend to see what the club is about?"
    We don't have any formal "meetings" to attend, but our social events are a great way to meet people and see what we're about. There's no pressure here. No membership fees to pay. We're very laid back, and we hope that you'll feel comfortable enough to return for future trips, parties, and sports!
  • Is TRI SPORTS Social Club a singles club?
    No, TRI SPORTS is not a singles club nor dating service, however, you can expect to meet many young professionals- married and single- who share your lifestyle and interests.

We understand the stress of being a captain and we'd like to help you with a few tips for success.  If you have additional questions that haven't been answered or tips for us to share with other captains, please send them to

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