Captain FAQs

Do I need to make the full team registration payment fee at time of registration?

No. We understand that it takes time to put together your roster and can be difficult to get up with players and get their portion of the teams fees, etc. So we've moved to a new registration process that will offer captains (and participants) a quick and easy way to get signed up for sports. Captains can register a team and then have the option of paying for the team in full -or- the captain can invite their players to join and the team members will receive an email letting them know they can log on and make their portion of the team payment. If your team has a sponsor that will be covering your team fee, you can register as a sponsored team by paying a $100 deposit to hold your spot, and once we receive your sponsor's check, we will refund your deposit. The balance of the team fee is due prior to the 1st night of league play. In most cases, the balance must be paid before your team will be placed on the schedule.

When will I receive my team's schedule? When will I receive the FULL season schedule?

Depending on the league, we post a week by week schedule for the first 2 weeks. That allows us to accept late registrants, adjust for registration cancellations, as well as gives captains time to organize any specific scheduling requests they might have. It also allows us to add/drop a team to/from the league without having to release an updated schedule. We always have a full season schedule out to the leagues by Week 3 games.

How can I make sure we have enough people to play each week?

Send a reminder email two days prior to the game asking people whether they can make it. This will give you enough time to find a substitute if it looks like your team is going to be short a few players. If your team is going to forfeit, you must e-mail the league office asap, preferably 24 hours in advance or Friday at noon for weekend games, so we can get word out to your opponents. Nobody wants to get stood up and waste their time and gas for a no-show opponent.

How many players do I need to have to register a team?

The number of players for a team varies from sport to sport. If you want to form a team but need an extra player or two, you can contact us after you register and we'll do our best to get you any free agents that may be available.

Kickball teams do have a team minimum of 14 players. Teams are allowed to have fewer players, but teams would incur additional fees to make up for the missing roster spots.

I have a tough time getting my teammates to log on and pay their portion of the team fees.

-Let them know they won't be allowed to take the field/court until they have paid and agreed to the online waiver.
-Send friendly reminder emails.
-Have the player write you a check/give you cash and captains can go online and pay that team members portion.

What else are my responsiblities once the season starts?

-Be present at your games each week (missing a game is okay)
-Ensure all of your players have team shirts and have agreed to the waiver.
-Make sure your team members are wearing their team shirts each week!
-Manage aspects of your team. Includes (at a minimum) making a lineup, ensuring that you have proper number and ratio (M/F) of players on the field.
-Ensure that everyone playing on your team is actually on your official team roster, this includes subs who must be signed up for your team.
-Rally your team to come out to our post-game sponsor bar to participate in the post-game socials and Bar Sports Championship
-Be knowledgable about and follow all the rules for each sport you're a team captain for.
-Have a great time! Let your teammates see you having fun! Engage everyone on your team.

I want to register a team this season, but I still need a few extra players to fill my roster. What are some easy ways to recruit teammates?

Post a Facebook and Twitter status saying that you need a few extra people for your team. Ask everyone else on your team to do the same, and you'll be surprised by how many people decide to help out. You can also send an email out to co-workers asking if any of them or their friends would be interested in joining. You can also post on Sportsvite that you are looking for players.

We had a player get injured/move away/work schedule change/etc... Can I replace them on the roster/add someone additional?

-Once a player is on the roster, they are considered a permanent player. Due to insurance and other considerations, TRI SPORTS does not allow you to substitute another player in for one not participating.

-You can always add an additional player to the roster by sending them a team invite and having them register.

We understand the stress of being a captain and we'd like to help you with a few tips for success.  If you have additional questions that haven't been answered or tips for us to share with other captains, please send them to

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