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Welcome to the TRI SPORTS Social Club. We are a 8-Time Nationally Recognized Award Winner
for Excellence, Customer Service & Satisfaction
. Want to make 23,000 new friends? 
Just find the sport & night you'd like to play and click the blue Register button.

You are an individual registrant. If you have a friend you'd like to be teamed with, just include their name & e-mail in the Preferred Teammates box and we'll get you on the same team. After registration, we'll group you with others to form a new team. This sometimes takes until Week 2 or Week 3 (at the latest), so don't be surprised if you haven't received your assignment prior to the week 1 games.

Players who are part of a team. You are joining the roster, agreeing to the waiver, submitting your t-shirt size, and making your registration payment (if applicable).

Step 2. Select your Registration!

You and a group of friends would like to play together on the same team, but do not have enough for a full roster. We'll group you with other Small Groups & Free Agents to form a team.

Ready to sign up your team? Team Captains can get their team signed up and then  send invitations to their teammates via their dashboard!  Cap

Free Agents- You're all set! Skip to Step 4 and get ready to have fun!

Small Groups- Login to your account and click the Invite link next to the league you registered for. Be sure your friends sign-up early, otherwise they might get shut out.

Team Captains- Team Captains need to login to their account and invite all team members to get signed up, select their shirt size, and agree to the liability waiver

Step 3. Invite your Friends!

After the deadline, we form teams from registered free agents and small groups. 

You'll receive an email with team assignment. If we're not able to get you placed on a team by Week 3, we'll get you a full refund.

Step 4. Waiting is the Hardest Part!

Your Week 1 schedule will be posted 6 days prior (typically) to your league start date. Week 2 schedule the day after your Week 1 games and the full season schedule the day after Week 2 games. We do this so we can work late registrants in without having to revise the full schedule every week. 

Team Shirts (if applicable) will be delivered at your Week 1 game. sometimes we need to place an additional order for certain colors and we'll get you by Week 2. If you don't have your shirt by Week 2 please ask your league supervisor and we'll be sure to get it to you ASAP. 

Join us for our Post-Game Social!
Most leagues have a post-game social at a local restaurant/bar.

Step 5. Have Fun!

Where the triangle comes to meet and compete

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